Pars Olea

  Pars Olea, namely, the experience of active tourism.

Imagine staying in Sardinia, in an area where thousands of years ago, the children of the Greek hero Heracles, brought agriculture. This area is located just 20 km north of Cagliari and nowadays it is famous for its wineries and olive oil. The capital of this historical region called Parteolla is Dolianova.In this pleasant place, among vineyards, olive groves, woods and Mediterranean maquis, you may live a cultural experience as protagonist.

You could stay in the woods of Santu Miali, where the only sounds you feel would be those of the birds in the trees or wild boar in the bushes. In the morning, you may go with Tore to milk the goats and then make cheese and ricotta. In the afternoon, accompanied by Paolo, you may take a walk in nature, to enjoy the beauty and scents of the Mediterranean maquis. Along the way that includes breathtaking views of the Gulf of Cagliari, if you are in the right season, it could happen to find mushrooms that Paul will teach you to cook for dinner. In the farmhouse of Gianni and Tonia, surrounded by an olive grove, you will learn how to make bread and delicious desserts and go for endless walks on horseback in the surrounding countryside.

In the evening, on the lawn on the back of the farmhouse, at the foot of a huge group of ancient olive trees, Enrico will teach you the basic steps of the Sardinian folk dance.

In the vineyards of Salvatore and Nicoletta, you will join the harvest, and then enjoy the juice of your work in a beautiful tasting room with a direct view on the fields.

In the organic farming of Nellino, you will taste those that our American friend Carol called "the best tomatoes in the world." But in the same place you will also see a modern mill, through which Nellino produces different kinds of olive oil.

Walking through the historic district of Dolianova with Alessandro, after visiting the splendid Romanesque Cathedral of San Pantaleo, you will visit Giuliano, artist of the stones, and the textile workshop of Valeria, who produces beautiful tapestries and traditional carpets.


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