About us

My name is Alessandro Picciau, I am a Sardinian qualified tourist guide with a degree in Cultural heritage in tourism.

Each itinerary I created is the result of years of study and gained experience in the tourism field, but above all, it is the outcome of the love for my land and its culture. What I am offering is an exclusive experience to get familiar with a peculiar context beyond the standard mass tourism: a visit to an organic farm in a little village; an encounter with an artisan directly in his workshop; cooking class in agritourisms dipped in centuries-old olive trees; excursions to discover fascinating medieval churches, imposing prehistoric monuments and charming disused mines; wine and cheese guided tastes.

In order to give you an exciting cultural experience and high quality standards, I work with companies and experts that have turned into great friends and that help me create a familiar atmosphere to make your tours even more special.

Weekly tours

Itineraries for every kind of tourist

Thanks to CULTURE SARDINIA every tourist, even those who travel alone in Sardinia, have the possibility to join group tours, booking our weekly tours.

Choose your itinerary:

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Private Tours

Your exclusive tour

There so many interesting itineraries that you can make in Sardinia.

Customised itineraries: you have just to ask!

We offer different types of itineraries:

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Shore excursions

For the people who arrives in Cagliari with the cruise.

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Online Booking

Se non vuoi perdere l'opportunità di scoprire la Sardegna con noi affrettati a prenotare il tuo itinerario con noi!

La prenotazione è semplice! Per la prenotazione è richiesto un anticipo del 30% dell'importo totale della visita guidata. Il pagamento può essere effettuato tramite bonifico bancario, carta di credito, paypal.

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